The Monthly Medal Round Up

48 players came to Cengkareng and 48 players went home winners. Course was in good condition finally after enduring months of rain. The pace of play was excellent, except for Gaurav’s flight which found it a bit slow but that gave him the opportunity to hand in a cracking score with a bit more time to concentrate.

A few late scratchings meant we missed being a full booking but it also ensured daylight was still abundant as you made your final putt. The day started hot and finished mild. Swearing was kept to a minimum and the ladies enjoyed their usual huge distance advantage between red and blue tees. Bags a definite victim of playing match play against Velma and conceding such a huge amount of free ground.

Next Sunday we venture out onto the Ramadan empty Jagorawi Toll to play Gunung Gelis. Gunung Gelis offers scenic views and excellent clubhouse and a fine golf course. So take advantage of the light traffic and head to the mountains. Remember to sign up on MyGolf2U.

Velma took the monthly medal with a great round as well as a Matchplay win. Two thumbs up.

Nicolas won on a count back from Gaurav to take low gross. Great effort to both players

Jane and Hitoshi shared first birds

Shinta and Hitoshi took long drives. Boom

Nearest the pin went to Siti and JP. Nearest to OB the President.

Roger had first Sandy and low Putts. Well done.

Going Forward

We have all our games up and till the 14th of May available for you to register on MyGolf2U. The earlier you register the easier it is for the club to organize extra flights if necessary.

First round of the TeeSet Match Play needs to be completed by the end of April. So please get moving on arranging your games.

Dean Merrilees is leading the TeeSet Interleague team this year. After a slow start finding willing players, we now have a team together but need a few more names to cover in case of illness, travel or really poor form. Hopefully we can now successfully challenge for the trophy over the remaining matches. Please speak to Dean or The President if you wish to get involved. The next Interleague game is in May.

Upcoming events we have the Rancamaya weekend golf extravaganza. Day One is Friday the 12th of May hosted by Jaws. Day Two is the D.O.G.S TeeSet 2 Person Charity Scramble on Saturday the 13th and on the final day we have the D.O.G.S v TeeSet matchplay. To register for these games please use MyGolF2U and the games are listed under the DOGS. Many golfers choose to stay overnight at the hotel so please book early to avoid disappointment

We are also looking at confirming our team against the DOGS at Rancamaya so please once again speak with the President or Dean Merrilees about your desire to be part of the team that beats the doggies.

Finally on the 11 of June we are hosting our annual World Cup Event. So please start scratching around for a team of fellow nationals to take part in this classic event at Riverside. Please register your team with Adhe ASAP to ensure bookings are managed appropriately.

As this is our 40th Anniversary we are planning a big bash in early September with our annual Birthday Scramble. We will also be organizing a comp against our old buddies at Pocksia who are also celebrating 40 years. So plenty of fun ahead and we hope to see as many of you as possible supporting these upcoming events.


The President

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Kojo Monthly Medal at Cengkerang this Sunday

The President has been lapse in his duties to due being away on holidays and incapacitated by the lovely mosquito born tropical virus Chickunganya a nasty variety of Dengue, which he also got. In the words of Monty Python,” Lucky bastard”.

Anyways hopefully all will be up to speed next week. We still have a few spots left for the Monthly Medal this Sunday. Those who have listed to compete I the TeeSet Matchplay Comp this Sunday may be a great opportunity to get tour first game in to see what side of the draw you will go. If tou have arrange a matchplay game this Sunday please inform Ibu Adhe to help with pairings.

The Monthly Medal is played off the Blue Tees for men and Red for the ladies.

Also remember over the Easter Weekend there is the Bandung Bash at Giri Gahana. A great out of town trip for golfers. to register.

See you Sunday for the Medal.

The President with 2 types of diseases

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The Modern Golf Day a walk (in the park for some)

Modern Golf a lovely walking course where they insist you use a cart. Water and bunkers can be a wayward golfers nightmare here and the slightly elevated greens can ruin one’s approach game as balls fail to run up to the hole.

TeeSet took on this challenge on Sunday and avoided the rain and some players put in some decent scores. TheWorld Cup is approaching and the Italians are looking like the team to beat. Roberto took the Tin this week.

Next week we play Imperial which will be a good insight to the TeeSet Interleague team who will compete there the following week. This should put us in good stead against the DOGS who have been getting a few practise rounds in there recently in an attempt to improve on their 2022 Interleague performance, good luck.

Dean Meriless has volunteered to lead the Teeset Interleague Team so please make yourself known to either Dean or Adhe if you want to join the TeeSet Squad.

A bout of Chickunganya currently hitting the President has meant this news letter will be short. Yes even the Ruling Class can be laid low by the bite of a bloody mosquito. A word of thanks to Jens who took the reins last Saturday and did a marvelous job.

Roberto takes the weekly Cup with a grin that Claudio could learn from.

Nicholas takes the Low Gross cash. This might earn a spot on the Interleague Team?

The Birdie Boys Aljosja and Diarmuid. Looks like the Irishman got into his cups after the 8th.

Low putts went to Jude with a healthy 28 knocks of the flat stick.

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TeeSet at Jagorawi with JIL

Last Sunday marked the start of the new Jakarta Inter- League Season. TeeSet players were representing many teams out there which is great to see. Due to The President being absent on holidays we were only able to put together a squad together on the day. A big thanks for the team who battled bravely for TeeSet. We are one game in with plenty of time to climb up the table.

Next week’s game is at Modern where men have the choice of Tee boxes and the ladies will be off red. Modern is a course located conveniently close to the toll road so fairly easy to get to on a Sunday. The food is pretty good and beers reasonabably priced. The most importan t thing about this course is that is pretty user friendly off the whites and avoiding the numerous water and sand traps should see some good Stableford scores. This will be the last round of the quarterly shield so get down to see if you can upset the current leaders. Please book via mygolf2u app to ensure your space.

Apologises for the briefness of todays report but feeling a bit beaten up with Chickunganya. A truly unpleasant virus. Once again Thanks to Roger and Adhe for their efforts last Sunday and we hope to see you at Modern on Sunday.

Bandung Bash is on again this Easter a great out of town golf weekend. Organise your mates to get on down for a weekend of golfing and drinking.

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The monthly medal came early this month due to the Zikar Cup being played at Jagorawi and clashing with the start of the new season of the Jakarta Interleague. Rather thanthrow the toys out of the pram TeeSet changed the date of their monthly medal. A decision that the golfing gods smiled upon with sunny conditions being seen for the first time in a long time on a Sunday afternoon in Jakarta. The Pawon Hujan (Rainman) was not needed this week and many a chicken was spared.

The President is away on holidays ( check the kitty) so a most able replacement was found in the form of Roger Finnie to run the day’s activities. 43 players graced the course which is a perfect number. In the words of Goldilocks “Not too big and not too small, just right.” Keeping on the Fairy tale theme there were a few fairy tale performances on the Sunday with none better than Terrence Martin who came storming home with a 38 to break 80 for the first time and secure the monthly medal. Who said fairy tales don’t come true? On TeeSet they do just ask Terrence. there were two other players that shared the same points but Terrence emerged the winner on count back. Well done to Anna and Shinta for making Terrence work. The rest of you will need to lift your game.

The TeeSet annual Matchplay championship also got underway on the Sunday with 2 matches decided. Tom going down to Jens 3 & 2 and Renny falling to Cucu in a nailbiter 2 & 1. Golfers participating in the matchplay comp please when scheduling your games also tell Adhe to ensure ease of flight management. Ezra, I will be back for the next Monthly medal.

Next week is the first round of the Interleague, it seems the Tin Cups have recruited 80 players for the up coming season leaving TeeSet struggling. Let us know if you can play this Sunday, Shield leader, Dean, is ready to play. Great way to get some match play experience. The interleague first round will be played from Jagorawi New Course and TeeSet will also be playing there.

Easter is just around the corner and so is the annual Bandung Bash at Giri Gahana a lovely mountain course with its own toll access. Now a very easy drive from Jakarta. For more details and registration please visit

It is with great difficulty that I have been typing this as I was struck down on the eve of depature by Chikungya. Picture if you must Stephen Hawkins typing. So now I have two things in common with Hawkins I type like him and I putt like him. So remember to refgister on MyGolf2u for next week’s game at Jagorawi.

Terrence Martin is this month’s Kojo Medal Winner, with the best round of his life. Looking forward to seeing you in the TeeSet interleague Team next week?

Jens hittinga bit of form with the low gross. Shinta getting closer by the day.

The birdie boys Nicolas and Adrian with birds on the first.

Hitoshi takes the long drive with a 253 mtre bomb. Good to see you getting back after your injury.

Sally takes the long drive for the ladies. Good to see Andrew and Sally back for a round.

Mr Singh with 27 off the flat stick wins low putts for the week.

Vincent baiting Roger with Rp100k for nearest the pin win. Margaritas a better form of bait.

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Valentine Couples Scramble at Pondok CAbe

Dark foreboding skies and squalling rain showers accompanied TeeSetters on their journey toward Pondok Cabe Golf last Sunday. These skies have been constant reminders of the effects of global warming over the last year. The deniers were keeping an eye out for Unicorns as according them they favour these weather conditions.

The President was baring gifts of beer and brownies for the couples. It is always disappointing to see an icy cold can of Anker rejected in favour of a cup of tea. There was rumour that Monday was once again an official workday. I will have to see it to believe it. A cold beer is a cold beer and should be handled in a professional manner. Crack it, kill it, repeat.

The rules of the game were mentioned multiple times to the group and individuals, but still a few failed to get it right, you guessed it the tea drinkers mainly. The sky didn’t clear but it had emptied itself of rain. The starter said we could go early but quite a few had yet to arrive so there was no rush. One or rearranges by Ibu Adhe and we set off to either tee box 1 or 10.

It’s a different perspective playing off the reds and your wife still out drives you on 11 holes. Crack it, kill it, repeat. Most of the ladies didn’t bother with their second shots as their male partners were bombing them onto and around the green with gay abandon (in the 1950s meaning of gay). A few brief sprinkles and a couple of lakes on a few of the fairways kept it from being, golf in perfect conditions. A relatively quick round of 4 hours saw the TeeSetter getting into some of the lovely food on offer at Pondok Cabe and into the beers.

Lucky draws this day saw chocolates and soju for the ladies and golf balls and towels for the general mob, generously donated by Nick Verdenal. Having a chat amongst the groups, all once again seemed to enjoy this annual event. Alessandro and Diarmuid were arguing all the way up to tee off as to who was to be the lady today. And in typical relationship spats the couple that argues together takes home the beer together with Alessandro and Diarmuid winning the best 4 ball 2 ball by a stroke and a bit over Richard Mau and Bill”Crack it, kill it”Lloyd. Best dressed was a close affair between Phil & Jessica Briggs and Roger & Jane Finnie with the pink combo outshing the red combo by a nose. With the mixed couples the competition was tight at the top end of the leaderboard with quite a few teams netting in the 60s but when you’re up against last year’s champion and runner-up match players playing on their home track you stand little chance. Well done Velma and Hitoshi on Sunday’s victory and we hope you enjoy your Voucher to Turkqaz.

Kojo Monthly Medal Cengkerang Sunday 19th

We have 56 spots for this game and there are 7 carts available (weather permitting) Last month we were completely over booked so sign up today to avoid disappoint. Let Adhe know if you require a cart and who you will be sharing it with. 33 spots already taken and 2 carts already booked. The President will be away for a month so a great opportunity for a Coup D’etat the Ides of March is nigh.

Upcoming events on the TeeSet Calendar

The annual Bandung Easter Bash a long running out of town event that has proven popular for many years is back again. To sign up and more information

Jakarta Interleague Matchplay starts on the 26th of Feb at Jagorawi and we are scratching around for a team. Your services are required and appreciated. A great way to get a bit of matchplay practise for the TeeSet Matchplay Championship which is now also officially underway.

TeeSet v Dogs Rancamaya Charity weekend will be played over the weekend of the 6th and 7th of May. This is great weekend with a great relaxing BBQ on Saturday night and competitive golf between two great golf societies. Great place to overnight.

In June we have the World Cup, find a team of 4 compatriots and battle for the glory of your country.

Valentine Champs, Velma & Hitoshi

Best 4 ball 2 ball

Best dressed couple Roger and Jane

Renny wins chocolates

Jessica wins a lucky draw prize. Thanks Nick

Clear blue skies were not seen. Not sure what George is signing.

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Committee 2023

President : Michael Seabrook

Committee Members : Sam Weston

: Roger Finnie

: Bill Lloyd

Club Secretary : Adhe

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Gading Raya

After A late start last week due to adverse weather, TeeSetters this week got away to a bit of a fly. Flanagan was stealing wedges from Alessandro, the President was wilting under the sun. Shortly after the round started we were hit with a brief downpour which cooled the day down.

Many golfers enjoyed their first 9 holes but Gading slipped in a few flights on the turn and this took the pace out of some early promising rounds as slow play sapped concentration. Bill Lloyd tore up the course playing off the whites, and Ryan Cairns put in a cracker of a round also, playing off the blues.


We are off to Pondok Cabe for the annual Valentine Scramble. Always a lot of fun. Multi-sex couples both play off the red tees on this day. Each partner will need to get 6 drives in. Men who like the company of men have the advantage of choosing one to play off the Blues and the other off the Whites. Combine both handicaps and divide by 4 to see what you are using on Sunday. Great prizes for best dressed couple, best couple net, best 4 ball playing 2 balls net. Plus many lucky draw prizes and a special gift to celebrate Valentine’s Day on arrival. Sign up on MyGolf2U ASAP to avoid disappointment.

Anyway I have a pile of stuff to do so lets get on to the photos

Welcome back Frank and Anna Wilson

Tin winner this week Bill Lloyd who also took low putts. The lad likes the whites.

First sand par on hole 12 (3rd) Max.

The birdie boys Sami and Dairmuid for birdies on their first holes.

Low gross winner Emiliano, good to see you back.

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Kojo TeeSet Monthly Medal at Cengkerang

With a huge rain cloud hanging over Jakarta golf seems to be a perilous sport to be playing with the constant threat of rounds not finishing, or even worse being rained out before it begins. Sunday dawned with just such conditions but with a quick visit to and an appropriate fee for the execution of a flock of chickens the President headed to the course confident of good weather. On arrival there was a sea breeze blowing in chasing the rain clouds away. The Pawang Hujan had done his job. The chickens I am told end up in KFC.

We had pretty much a fully booked round but due to a couple of injuries and illness we had a few late withdrawals. Guys we hope you have a speedy recovery and we soon see you swinging away at TeeSet. Numbers started to build as Adhe took the days fees and answered questions on pairings. The President was busy shaking down golfers to buy tickets in the meat tray raffle and Claudio was busy chatting up the ladies of TeeSet. A few golfers were having early beers to steady their nerves before the battle for the medal began.

Word came early that transportation around the golf course would only be by Shanks’ pony. The President reached for his knee and quietly wept. Next in was the news that tee off would be delayed by 30 minutes due to a big down poor in the morning which had delayed the morning rounds. Shortly after 12.15 most golfers headed to their respective starting tee, except JP who went to the wrong one. TeeSetters waiting on tee box 10 were entertained by a few flights of young Japanese golfers. Tee shots were flying everywhere. This boded badly for a slow round and the first 9 holes were pretty slow. Alastair nailed a nice sandy on the second, his birdie putt was pretty impressive also.

Due to the later start and some slow golfers in front of TeeSet a few flights finished in the dark. TeeSet endeavour to get tee times that enable us to finish in the light but sometimes Mother Nature frowns upon golfers. But one golfer who had the time of his life including an eagle and an impressive gross 70 off the whites was Richard Mau, great golfing.

Next Sunday we venture out to Gading Raya. Gading Raya will have carts available. We hope to see as many people there as we had last Sunday and that Soggy Jakarta starts to dry out a bit. There are another 5 weeks before we will have a winner in the shield so plenty of time to put in a couple of good rounds and make a challenge.

Upcoming Events

The TeeSet Valentines Day is coming up on the 12th. So guys grab ya lady friends and head out for this event at Pondok Cabe some great prizes to be won. It is a two ball scramble where couples play from the Red tees unless it is a 4 ball couple who will choose who is the fairer sex and one will play from white and the other blue. Always a great day and a bit of a laugh and some warm down drinks in the club house tend to last a bit longer than usual.

Over the Easter weekend there is the 17th Bandung Bash so if you are looking for some out of town golf check out this link The course has its own toll exit and drive times are down to a tad over 2 hours.

Sunday’s Meadow and Bone meat tray winner was Richard Mau Please note TeeSetters you are entitled to a 10% discount from our mates at Meadow And Bone by using the code Tset15. Get some pork on your fork.

Kojo Monthly Medal Winner Alessandro he also won some beer.

Low Gross was Bobby, well done champ.

First Eagle to Richard who also picked up low putts. One of TeeSets more photogenic members (or frequently photographed).

Well done Velma for first birdie on the second hole.

Anna nailed one down the middle to take Ladies Long Drive Prize.

None of the big hitting men could hit it as far as TPS on Sunday. Well done on the monster.

Nearest the pin men and a perennial prize winner Claudio, always in the money.

Nearest the pin Ladies Sari, congratulations.

Adrian equal first Sandy on the Second hole(11th)

Alastair also had a Sandy on the second and the President slipped his prize over a beer later on. He doesn’t like crowds.

Siti takes the money for first Par 30+ Hcp. Well done.

Srinivas putts from off the green.

Roger preparing to club one down the middle on the 10th.

Jude, Mark & Viboon on the 18th

The current Shield leader, Dean, teeing off.

The rose amongst the thorns. Claudio, Sri, Sari, Juju, Velma and Siti

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Damai Indah Golf

Having missed the round due to a trip down the Sunda Straight where 2 golf courses were reconnoitered. With one of them a potential weekend away event. More to come. Back to the big day at Damai, I heard many golfers took advantage of the late start to lounge around the excellent pool facilities available at the country club.

The game was played in windy but non-threatening conditions (rain that is) and all golfers made it back in ample time to have a few beers or a gyoza. A big thanks to Roger Finnie for hosting the day in the absence of the President. Good to see numbers of individuals that have played a round with Teeset since the 2022 Championship has soared past 100. The returning Ex-President Geoff Thwaites was one of those that added his name to the list of players in 2023.

J.P. Seveke (pictured below) returns to form and takes this weeks low net Tin Cup. Well done JP.

Claudio returns from holidays and picks up where he left off with a low gross win

Alastair’s first outing with Teeset under the new regime nets the man cash, for first Sandy.

Tapio takes the first birdie cash and best dressed in the clubhouse.

Jim, Roger and Darryl popped in for a visit. Good to see you.


To make TeeSet a successful group we host several events during the year most of which is paid for by your weekly Rp100k fee but there is always a bit more needed to cover our traditional events. These events are the Valentines 2 person Scramble, The World Cup, The TeeSet Birthday Scramble and the TeeSet Championship. At these events you, as members, reap the benefits of the weekly fee but we are always looking at doing the best we can for you so we ask for your help.

Meadow & Bone have offered a meat tray for us to raffle off at this week’s Kojo Monthly Medal. Tickets will be Rp 50.000 for 1 so make sure you buy 2.

Kojo Monthly Medal Cengkerang Golf Club

Tee off time is midday get there 30 minutes before start in case of any late changes or re-arrangers. The earlier you register the earlier your flight will be. Remember to keep an eye on your speed of play to ensure you are not holding up others.

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